Space Jam: A New Legacy – Review

by Kelechi Ehenulo Following in the footsteps of a beloved film was always going to be a challenging feat. The original Space Jam was a cult classic, marrying the best of mixed-media animation using Looney Tunes characters and Michael Jordan – the greatest NBA player of all time. Admittedly, it was never a ‘critical darling’ at the time of its release. It’s not the greatest … Continue reading Space Jam: A New Legacy – Review

You Must Watch…Mare of Easttown

by Chris Connor The crime genre has so often produced both classics but also pale imitators and disappointments. Kate Winslet led Mare Of Easttown falls firmly into the former category and has received nothing but the highest of praise since its premiere 7 weeks ago. The series recounts the events of small town in Pennsylvania Easttown where a series of missing girls has led to … Continue reading You Must Watch…Mare of Easttown

The Surrogate – Review

by Robbie Jones Jeremy Hersh’s directorial debut centres on Jessica (Jasmine Batchelor), a graphic designer for a non-profit organisation who is unhappy with her position in life. Things are turned around suddenly when her best friends Josh (Chris Perfetti) and Aaron (Sullivan Jones) ask her to be the surrogate for their child. All is going well until the 13 week mark, where the trio learn … Continue reading The Surrogate – Review