Cats – Trailer

We’ve had Midsommar. We’ve had Us. Now, prepare yourself for the most terrifying movie of the year – Cats!

Cats, based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s acclaimed (but bizarre) stage show, revolves around a bunch of alley-cats who sing songs in order to move on to the other side.

Starring Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, Jason Derulo, and Jennifer Hudson, who all look like cats have swallowed them and they are trying desperately to force their way out, this could be the funniest and weirdest musical movie of the year.

What do you think?

Cats is out December 

Top Gun: Maverick – Brand New Trailer!

Tom Cruise has somewhat become a kind of a caricature of himself. Instead of choosing many different films, he is going for action upon action upon action.

Still, when he decides to revisit his old classic roles, we cannot help but love it.

Here, as a sequel to Top Gun, the film revolves around Maverick trying to navigate a new class of pilots.

Directed by Joseph Kosinki, the film looks to be filled with great action. I will say this – it is good to see him finally looking old.  What do you think?

Top Gun: Maverick is out later this year! 

The Last Tree – Brand New Trailer!

Shola Amoo has already made his staple on the British film industry with his debut feature Moving Image. Now he has created The Last Tree which looks genuinely moving.

The Last Tree looks immense and revolves around a young man who was brought up in foster care. It tackles his life now in London reunited with his mother as well as his own heritage.

The film made waves at Sundance London and is looking to make a terrific impact. What do you think?

The Last Tree is out 20th September 

It: Chapter 2 – Brand New Trailer

It’s that time to sink into Stephen King’s classic horror once more.
Yes we’re going back to Derry for some spooky shit.

It: Chapter 2  is set 27 years into the future and The Losers have all grown up and gone their separate ways. However, spooky shit starts happening in Derry again and they are pulled back to stop the beast.

This looks very terrifying and we definitely had chills. With Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader, we’re fully on board with this film. What do you think?

It: Chapter 2 is out  later this year. 

Don’t Let Go – Brand New Trailer!

High concept thrillers are brilliant. Happy Death Day, Source Code, and more have all had these crazy ideas with different executions.

Now it’s time for Don’t Let Go! 

Don’t Let Go revolves around Detective Jack Radcliff whose a doting Uncle. When his niece, brother, and sister-in-law die in horrific circumstances, Jack is distraught. However, he when he receives a phone call from his niece, two weeks in the past , he is determined to stop the murder from ever happening.

Starring David Oyelowo and Storm Reid, we’re very excited to get stuck in. What do you think?

Don’t Let Go is out later this year! 

Hail, Satan? – Brand New Trailer!

America is in turmoil and a lot of that is because religious groups have infiltrated the government and spreading their shite through laws.

One group, however, is attempting to dismantle all that.

Hail Satan? revolves around the Satanic Temple in America. The troop  aim to separate the church and the state from all rulings.

The documentary looks like a lot of fun and will hopefully instigate a removal of religion from state. What do you think?

Hail Satan? is out later this year! 

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