The Magnificent Seven – Brand New Trailer!

There are many remakes. Many. Too many.  There is an abundance of them that are making our cinematic lives miserable. We don’t need remakes: We need original ideas. It’s we this idea that the latest from The Magnificent Seventruly exhausts. The Magnificent Seven revolves around the sleepy town of Rose Creek who is put under deadly control by Bartholomew Bogue. When the desperate towns people … Continue reading The Magnificent Seven – Brand New Trailer!

The Girl On The Train – Brand New Trailer!

When a movie excels, there are a bunch of movies that follows like lost puppies and are heralded as “this year’s (insert successful film now.)” The new one at the moment is Gone Girl. Every female led thriller is now touted as “this year’s Gone Girl” as though people are trying to imitate the successes of better films beforehand. The Girl On The Train is … Continue reading The Girl On The Train – Brand New Trailer!

Jason Bourne – Brand New Trailer!

As previously mentioned yesterday, the icon forgetful spy is something of a legendary role for Matt Damon. We’ve had countless adventures with the amnesia addled agent and we’re getting the promise of a grittier one who, like, takes punches semi-nude and cavorts down city streets in car speed chases and all that action packed awesomeness. The brand new spy movie sees Bourne back in the … Continue reading Jason Bourne – Brand New Trailer!

Everybody Wants Some – Brand New Trailer!

Richard Linklater is one of our greatest filmmakers. The director has not had a bad movie yet. The film maestro keeps hitting cinematic balls out of the park and we catch them with the utmost glee. And it seems he is doing it again with comedy Everybody Wants Some. Set in the 80s this time, it follows a group of college baseball players who navigate their … Continue reading Everybody Wants Some – Brand New Trailer!

Infinitely Polar Bear (2014) – Review

Mental illness in film is a really hard thing to depict because every single experience is different, there is still large stigma around it, and it is hard to equate someone’s suffering when you haven’t suffered something similar. Many of the more successful movies intricately weave their own backstory in order to provide an insight to people plighted by a mental disease and how they … Continue reading Infinitely Polar Bear (2014) – Review