The Silent Storm – Brand New Trailer!

The Scottish lands of rolling greenery, towering highlands, and crashing waves upon the sand have been the setting for many films and encroaching stories. From cult classics such as Trainspotting to musicals such as Sunshine on Leith, the great country has birthed countless of sublime films that bewitch and bemuse. The Silent Storm, a romp across a Scottish island with Damien Lewis and Andrea Riseborough … Continue reading The Silent Storm – Brand New Trailer!

Meet the Patels – Review

Balancing love and family is ridiculous hard for most people. Between families constantly asking about your love life, interfering in-laws who severely dislike your other half, or your great-nanna questioning why you are still single, it seems impossible to balance your family and your soulmate. It is something that is constantly a pain in the massive backside and, more often than not, is explored in … Continue reading Meet the Patels – Review

The Rogue Table – Short Film

Currently in Post Production The Rogue Table follows John, a lazy “young professional” who couldn’t care less about life really. He works to eat, he works to drink and he works to party. Disregarding the feelings of his furniture has never been a massive deal for him but it has for his table. And now the table has got feelings…of revenge! Our first foray into … Continue reading The Rogue Table – Short Film

Are You OK? – Short Film

Our first foray into movie production. Are You OK? revolves around a young woman trapped by her emotions until the music causes her to unravel… Starring… Mara Trampuz Director and Writer…Sarah Cook Assistant Director and Producer…Gloria Daniels-Moss DOP and Editor…Sean Narborough Script Supervisor…Jo Johnstone Sound Design and Executive Producer…Graham Osborne Runner…Leah Stone Runner… Frankie Harlow Runner… Daniel Portway Executive Producer…William John Filmed at The Cavendish Arms  Continue reading Are You OK? – Short Film