The Trust – Brand New Trailer!

I kinda feel sorry for Nic Cage. A once promising actor has become a bit of a joke. His set antics, weird habits, and god-awful films has drenched his superb talent in jokes and humour. The star is often met with guffaws and titters that any new project he has coming up is met with laughter.

But could The Trust see him return?

Featuring two big names playing two nobodies, The Trust follows the story of two jaded cops, Jim Stone (Nicolas Cage) and David Waters (Elijah Wood), as they use their police skills to break the law. Stuck behind desks, Stone and Waters are understandably sick of the daily grind and are quick to grasp at any opportunities to escape it. When they find a drug dealer’s secret vault, a metaphorical fork in the road appears. Report it and be awesome cops…or steal it and be awesomer criminals? The latter certainly makes for a more entertaining film.

The Trust has been heralded as Nic Cage’s return to acting form which is exciting and the bug-eyed Elijah Wood always delivers his best work in smaller independent films (Frodo aside) so there is something must-see in this film. That being said, how many films have we seen about corrupt cops? Too many. Far too many.

What do you think?

The Trust is out May 20th 

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