Tulip Fever – Brand New Trailer!

Alicia Vikander has done the whole “married into a loveless marriage and choses to cheat on her husband with someone else” thing before. And it didn’t end well. Then again, Alicia Vikander is in every single movie ever so she’s probably done ever plot that goes around. It’s just come full circle.

The film revolves around Sophie who is set to marry Cornelis Zandvoort, a successful merchant because she is told it will improve her life. However, unhappy at being wed to an older man, she finds herself drawn to an artist and looks to escape with him.

The film looks good and also stars Christoph Waltz and Dane DeHaan. Have a guess who is the villainous husband in all of this? Yes that’s right! Further typecast into his usual roles, it is a little disappointing to see him tackle this too. It could be good though.  Directed by Justin Chadwick and written by Shakespeare in Love’s Tom Stoppard, this could be amazing!

Tulip Fever is out July 15th

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