Ghostbusters – “Meet Kevin” Clip

Ahhh Hemsworth, the rugged Australian. The beauty from down under. Thor himself. We certainly have many different dreams about the elder Hemsworth. Now he is in a role completely different to what we’ve seen him in before in the brand new Ghostbusters movie.

For those who have absolutely no idea what Ghostbusters is (of which, I’ll assume that you are a ghost and you need to be busted,) the film revolves around four women who become the titular spectre fighters and try to save New York! Starring Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones, this homage to the original series could be the funniest film of the year!

These latest featurette takes a look at their goofy secretary Kevin, played Chris Hemsworth, and it shows how – well – simple he is. Though the complete gender-bend of the busting team has many in a state, it certainly looks to tickle funny bones and encourage laughter!

What do you think?

Ghostbusters is out July 

Knight of Cups – Brand New Trailer and Cups

Terrence Malick is a director who seems to polarise audiences. On the one hand, he can craft these amazingly artistic and wrought movies. On the other hand, he can be pretentious and, sometimes, quite dull. He doesn’t appeal to a broad audience, and he doesn’t have to, but his latest adventure Knight of Cups looks to be his most polarising work yet!

Starring Christian Bale, Knight of Cup revolves around a comedy writer named Rick, living in Santa Monica, wanting to connect to the outside world after the death of his brother. Then it gets confusing, with talk about women who he sleeps with being the answers to a mystery, supporting his father, and trying to unravel the truth of his life.

Also starring Imogen, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman, the film looks trippy and intriguing, but most trippy. An insane exploration of grief and death, Knight of Cups could be amazing.

Knight of Cups is out May 6th

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – Brand New Trailer!

Growing up in England, you’d have come across Patsy and Eddie. The alcoholic fashionistas created by Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumlet have been a staple of the British entertainment (liquid) diet. Whilst most television comedies don’t make for great films, we’ve been jonsing for a cinematic outing of the pair since they sloshed their first vodka. After the latest trailer, despite the controversy, there is a lot of hope for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

The movie sees Eddie accidentally kills Kate Moss whilst trying the hide her, Patsy decides that the pair need to hide away in the South of France until the whole furore dies down. Cue French madness and a lot of alcohol.

Though there are hefty accusations of yellow-face, the movie could look to push away from it and craft something funny and wonderful. And by that we mean, we hope they’ve ditched Suki Waterhouse. The film is also filled with impressive cameos including Jon Hamm, Gwendoline Christie, Kathy Burke, Emma Bunton, Lily Cole, and Stella McCartney. It could be hilarious.

What do you think?

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is out 1st July 

The Silent Storm – Brand New Trailer!

The Scottish lands of rolling greenery, towering highlands, and crashing waves upon the sand have been the setting for many films and encroaching stories. From cult classics such as Trainspotting to musicals such as Sunshine on Leith, the great country has birthed countless of sublime films that bewitch and bemuse. The Silent Storm, a romp across a Scottish island with Damien Lewis and Andrea Riseborough looks to add to this.

On a remote Scottish Island, minister Balor fights to keep his community together but is also struggling with his distant wife Aislin and the storm raging within their marriage. When a fight emerges between them, they are thrown into rage and confusion. But in between the storm, a rugged 17 year old appears on their doorstep and Aislin is drawn to another wild-like character.

Also starring Ross Anderson and helmed by Corinna McFarlane, the film looks exquisite, using the nature around them to build an exquisite and emotional film!

The Silent Storm is out May 20th
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Empire Live – Event

Empire have been the leading charge in film journalism for a long time. Though their magazine seems to curtail more to fanboys and the comic book era of film making, Empire certainly attracts plenty of fans from far and wide. Many wannabe film critics still look to the company as Gods and many flock to newsstands (they are places where paper versions of websites are sold to audiences) just to read their work.

With many successful live podcasts and shows under their belt, it’s natural that this year, they’d want to go bigger and better. There’s a whole weekend of movie talk, special screenings, and big talks from the likes of Chris Hewitt, Ian Freer, and Helen O’Hara. Hosted over September at The O2 Cineworld in London, the events already announced are a special presentation of Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some and cinematic masterpieces from The Criterion Collection.

Terri White, Editor-In-Chief of Empire magazine, said: “There is quite simply no event in the world right now like Empire Live. Whether you’re a cult film junkie, an animation addict or a blockbuster lover, there will be something for everyone at our spectacular weekend of live events. With world-class actors and directors joining us at The O2, no other brand or event can bring you closer to the world of movies and entertainment. Strap yourselves in, and get ready for the weekend of your life.”

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday April 29, 2016.

Tickets and further information available from

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Meet the Patels – Review

Balancing love and family is ridiculous hard for most people. Between families constantly asking about your love life, interfering in-laws who severely dislike your other half, or your great-nanna questioning why you are still single, it seems impossible to balance your family and your soulmate. It is something that is constantly a pain in the massive backside and, more often than not, is explored in cinema and comedies.

The recent departure into these sentiments is Ravi Patel’s amiable flick Meet the Patels.

Meet the Patels is a semi-documentary feature film revolves around comedian Ravi Patel who, nearly 30, enters into a love triangle between the woman of his dreams and his parents. Having to hide his recent break-up from his family and freaking out that he is nearly 30 years old and single, Ravi and his family all go on vacation to India where he is set on a tailspin of emotions. Trying to seek out a new love, Ravi is pulled into further confusion as a family tradition dictates that Patels marry other (non-related) Patels. Inspired by happy marriages of his family, Ravi sets off on a journey to find other Patel in America.

People will recognise Ravi Patel from a recent (and brilliant) episode of Master of None and stand-up tours around America. The performer has cultivated a career that has wowed thousands of fans. Transferring that high-wit skill to the big screen is trick yet mastered wonderfully and originally by merging a story with his real life family making this a semi documentary a wholly original treat to enjoy. Patel and his family have a fantastic and colourful chemistry that adds a layers of naturalistic comedy to the film. Showcasing a bond driven by a stunning dynamic of the family, Meet the Patels is filled with high energy and sweetness that is impossible to not be drawn too.

There are many films here that are explored that many can relate too such as arranged marriages, romantic conflict, and family duty. Patel is sure to add a level of emotions and sensitivity that paddles the film into a greater depth than just the enormous characters of his family. Marrying his Indian heritage and his American childhood, Ravi enthuses the film with a look at culture and that adds to the overall watch filled with funny moments, sincerity, and bucket loads of love (on any level.) Charming and charismatic, the Patels are able to criticise, poke fun at each other, and yet still wholly love and respect one another.

This engaging documentary may be set up with reality TV amateur aesthetics but truly masters reaching its audience with humour and emotion. A comedic triumph for documentary lovers, Meet the Patels is a striking feather in Patel’s cap that could hopefully lift the comedian into an iconic status. Regardless of the outcome of the film, the movie is certainly a crowd-pleasing romp with a spirituous element and a loveable bond between the family members. Certainly, if anything, the movie will lift your day.


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