Florence Foster Jenkins – Brand New Clips!

In all of our heads, we’re the best singers ever. When we are home alone, or in the shower, or after a few pints down the local – we love to wail our favourite tunes (Mine is When You’re Good to Mama from the legendary musical Chicago.) Now, if you are like me, you are a bound to have a suffering family member who’d pretty much shoot you down saying “No, you are shit, stop it.”  (probably in a nicer way than that)

There are some people, however, who are so desperate to see their significant other happy that they’ll go along with the lie.

And that’s how people such as Florence Foster Jenkins gain so much notoriety.

Florence Foster Jenkins revolves around a passionate opera singer who, well, cannot sing. As an heiress and with a doting husband, her secret talent (or lack thereof) has been kept as a somewhat private joke between peers. However, one day she is adamant to perform on the real stage, panicking everyone behind her.

In this latest featurette, the voiceover of Britian’s Got Talent Peter Dickson imitates the relality show whilst the latest clip shows the piano room lessons. With words pouring in about how inspiring and awesome it is, Florence could, indeed, be bringing the house down!

Florence Foster Jenkins is out 6th May 

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