Minuscule – Brand New Trailer!

I was literally having the conversation the other day – children’s movies are over-saturating our cinema. That’s all it seems to be nowadays: Children’s movies and Superhero movies. Whilst the latter genuinely tries to produce some impressive stuff, the former is suffers from truly awful creations. And they are everywhere. Between Top Cat Begins and Robinson Crusoe, you seemingly can’t escape the dread of children’s movies.

So here enters the brand new trailer for Minuscule which looks to be crawling with original energy.

Based off a Cbeebeies TV show, and told in CGI and live-action, the film revolves around a standoff between two tribes of ants and a brave young ladybird who finds himself caught in the middle.

If you are thinking Antz, and screaming A Bug’s Life then we hear you but there is something quite sweet here. Though there is no word on casting, and it certainly is going to appeal more to the younger side, Minuscule may be enjoyable!

Minuscule is out 27th May

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