Florence Foster Jenkins – Review

by Georgia Sanders  Based on the true story of the woman dubbed ‘the worst singer in the world’, Florence Foster Jenkins is an emotional immersion into the very real problems of a woman with an unwavering determination to become a part of the musical world for which she had such intense affection. Unable to play the piano since contracting syphilis and damaging the nerves in … Continue reading Florence Foster Jenkins – Review

Robinson Crusoe – Brand New Clip!

Only yesterday, I was talking about how children’s movies have hit the point of over-saturation this year. It seems that every week companies are churning out horrendous, colourful escapades to keep sugar-addled cherubs happy with some onscreen antics that make no sense. Enter Robinson Crusoe, an actual film that’s getting an actual cinematic release, movie making folks. The film revolves is so loosely based on … Continue reading Robinson Crusoe – Brand New Clip!

The Shallows – Brand New Trailer!

Damn. We all hate sharks. The reason we hate sharks despite the fact they literally kill less people than cows do (maybe we should be weary of the black and white bastards) is because of the movies. Jaws made us all terrified to go into the water after a shark pursues a small seaside down and people die. Sharks are generally docile but because they … Continue reading The Shallows – Brand New Trailer!

Green Room – Review

There are movies out there that refuse to let go. As you appear from the shadowy room, the credit sequences rolling through the names and pounding out a feverish song, you peel yourself from the seat and shakily make your way down the stairs. Your wobbly legs threaten to topple you over as you gather your belongings and are shuffled out with an equally bemused … Continue reading Green Room – Review

Hunt for the Wilderpeople – Brand New Trailer!

We at I’m With Geek absolutely love Taika Waititi. Unequivocally. Like, it’s the kind of love that borders on behind it and it stars an acting legend. Look, we’re already sold on the movie. Just give it to us now restraining order territory. And do you blame us? Between Eagle vs Shark and The Boy, I mean, What We Do in the Shadows, literally the … Continue reading Hunt for the Wilderpeople – Brand New Trailer!

Men Go To Battle – Brand New Trailer!

Civil War… No. No. Not the greatest Marvel movie of all time, we’re not talking Captain America here. We’re actually talking about the real Civil War that happened in America many moons ago. The kind of war that the losers still ramble on about and hold their flag up with pride. Anyway, a lot of movies this year are taking a look at Civil War … Continue reading Men Go To Battle – Brand New Trailer!