Hunt for the Wilderpeople – Brand New Trailer!

We at I’m With Geek absolutely love Taika Waititi. Unequivocally. Like, it’s the kind of love that borders on behind it and it stars an acting legend. Look, we’re already sold on the movie. Just give it to us now restraining order territory. And do you blame us? Between Eagle vs Shark and The Boy, I mean, What We Do in the Shadows, literally the best thing ever conceived. And luckily, we don’t have to Wait-iti any longer for new material as he returns to Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Yes, OK. I’ll leave the comedy to the pros.

Starring Sam Neill and young performer Julian Dennison, Hunt for the Wilderpeople revolves around Ricky – a rebellious young city kid who is relocated and fostered by a grumpy uncle. However, the pair unwillingly find themselves on the run in the wilderness…

The film has one of the world’s greatest comedic talents behind it and, therefore, it is a must see. The brand new trailer just solidifies his work.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is out October 2017.
WHAT? That’s too far away.

One thought on “Hunt for the Wilderpeople – Brand New Trailer!

  1. As much as I wanted to like this film my review sadly concludes “This film would be ‘great family fun’ if you are a Kiwi. For everyone else however, even their closest Aussie cousins, this film is little more than a spectacular tourism advertisement for the rugged landscapes and mountainous lakes and gorges that are scattered across beautiful New Zealand.”


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