Men Go To Battle – Brand New Trailer!

Civil War…

No. No. Not the greatest Marvel movie of all time, we’re not talking Captain America here. We’re actually talking about the real Civil War that happened in America many moons ago. The kind of war that the losers still ramble on about and hold their flag up with pride.

Anyway, a lot of movies this year are taking a look at Civil War this year, particularly with Matthew McConaughey’s Free State of Jones and The Birth of a Nation coming into our lives soon. Here’s another one too – Men Go To Battle.

The directorial debut of Zachary Trietz follows two brothers in the middle of war. Tackling the subject of the bloody titular battle at a personal level, the film will follow these lives torn apart by a political agenda.

Following on from the premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, Men Go To Battle balances soft spoken drama with evocative imagery, and a fiery emotional core. This new trailer made it a must see!

Men Go To Battle has no UK release yet but hits US cinemas July 8th

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