The Shallows – Brand New Trailer!

Damn. We all hate sharks. The reason we hate sharks despite the fact they literally kill less people than cows do (maybe we should be weary of the black and white bastards) is because of the movies. Jaws made us all terrified to go into the water after a shark pursues a small seaside down and people die. Sharks are generally docile but because they have the capacity to kill, we are terrified of them.

The Shallows is going to carry on this anti-shark propaganda.

The film stars Blake Lively as Nancy, a surfer on a secluded beach who is attacked by a great white shark and stranded just a short distance from shore. With salvation 200 yards away, it looks to be a simple swim over; that’s if the vicious creature wasn’t circling…

Tense water movies like Open Water and Dead Calm has left indelible marks on our souls and maybe The Shallows will do the same. The big thing is that Blake Lively is one of the best actresses – an underrated one too – and could bring something special to the splashing film!

The Shallows is out August!

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