Looking Back…Only Lovers Left Alive (2014)

To celebrate the release of I Saw The Light, Sarah looks at Tom Hiddleston’s best work in Only Lover’s Left Alive.

I have to admit that in my journey through cinema, I have missed one vital director; Jim Jarmusch. In fact, a few writers of my film team have filled our section with glorious articles on his films and I’ve been sat there, editing them, like “how do I not know about his man?” Because for glorious and intense independent films that spout poetry and intellect, Jarmusch is your man.

Starring the delectable Tom Hiddleston and the wonderful Tilda Swinton, Jarmusch has re-vamped the vampire genre. It revolves around Adam and Eve, two ancient vampires who are living in the 21st Centuary. Adam is a rock-star who is plagued by fans and finds solace in a companion in Ian. Eve lives away, getting the best blood from a dealer. When Adam finds himself lost and as suicidal as a vampire can be, a phonecall from Eve, who happens to be his wife, reunites the soulmates. But their reunion is lessened by the arrival of Eve’s sister Ava upsets the roster.

This is exactly how you develop a waning genre and bring it into a modern setting. Conflicting the gothic poetry of the vampire lore with the bright lights of cities makes Only Lovers Left Alive. The drawl of the drama is, albeit slightly pretention, is purely divine. Jarmusch weaves a story that is not only visual in depth and so vibrantly beautiful that your eyes will devour every scenic joy. The film is infused with wit, dark humanistic emotions that can only be experienced in the after-life and a lack for life from the already dead. The haze that surrounds Only Lovers Left Alive is simply celestial, like a sleep walk through the film that’s dreamscape is impossible to not adore.

At the centre of this impossibly gorgeous film is two stars that exude this bereft and depth of a vampire life. Brooding and cynical, Tom Hiddleston’s Adam is stunningly done. Hiddleston conveys the want for rest, that archaic notion that life has been lived repeatedly and the stumbling world around him just effervesces this aura that irritates him. He deliberately adds personality that is both droll and exhausted. His counterpart is just as delightful. Tilda juxtaposes his lust for “death” with this calm yet jovial nature that is able to capture light within the dark. Her lucid acting that powerful captures verse and speech. The pair entwine in this mystical relationship that enchants in its mystery.

It’s impossible not to hear this review in a sultry tone. But that is almost the narrative of this film. Only Lovers Left Alive is a good charming independent film. It oozes the romping sex appeal and seduces the audience. Though vampires will always perforate our cinematic outings, ranging from the bad to the excellent. But no one will ever do vampires quite like Jim Marmusch who simply and exquisite gives us this wonderful film. The little nuances, the impeccable music and two lovers, strewn across the stars of time make Only Lovers Left Alive simply magnificent.

I Saw The Light is out in cinemas now 

Ian McKellen and Noel Clarke to host special screenings of Chicken

When it comes to independent movies then support has to come from above. In the scrummage to be a filmmaker, the steps to publicity and recognition comes from leaping between folks willing to shout about your film and hoping to see you triumphant, as well as helping curve your talent into something spectacular. The industry thrives on folks who want you to succeed and that’s how you make your name – by having a more popular famous face point their audience to it. Already heavily supportive of the film, the acting and producing pair have spectacularly supported this film and, hopefully, it’ll gain the audience it needs.

That’s why it’s so amazing to hear that Ian McKellen and Noel Clarke are going to be introducing Chicken  in  some special screenings over the next couple of weeks

The feature film from Joe Stephenson revolves around a 15 year old and his older brother living in a caravan in a field. When a nearby family movies in, the youngest boy sees hope and friendship whilst his brother’s violence sets to rip everyone apart.

is out in a fortnight and definitely looks incredible. With the support of Adulthood’s Clarke and Gandalf himself, this is going to be a spectacular venture for Stephenson and his upcoming film!

Find out how you can book at: www.ourscreen.com/film/chicken

Chicken is out 20th May

Now You See Me 2 – Brand New Trailer!

It does seem like there are a lot of sequels and reboots out there. Yawn. It’s as though Hollywood has run out of ideas and is piggy-backing off ideas they’ve already made successful. There is a magical fountain of original ideas that Hollywood to pool ideas from but it’s like they have no faith in unique ideas and new writers that they have tokeep churning our sequels like this.

Exactly one year after outing the BFI, The Four Horseman are back as special illusionists (except Isla Fisher has been replaced by Lizzy Caplan, which is a cracking!) After exposing the unethical practices of a tech magnate, they are threatened by a tech prodigy, they are pushed into their most difficult heist yet!

Now You See Me 2 looks kind of fun and exhilarating like the prior film and has a fantastic cast at the centre of it. It may not be a completely necessary film but could be some mindless magic.

Now You See Me 2 is out June

X-Men: Apocalypse – “Cage Fight” – Clip

There are a lot of people out there who are completely bored with the X-Men series. After all, we’ve had over a decade of movies trotted out for our leisure and each have had varying levels of response. Bryan Singer launched the series and now he’s back to – hopefully – finish it with the likes of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Oscar Isaac.

With this latest clip, we can see the character’s accrue warriors to fight against the destructive mutant who believes himself to be god. Mystique has rocked up to a street fight where she encounters the brilliant Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner who can teleport everywhere. He’s fighting against angel, who is going to be a future Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Lately it seems that Jennifer Lawrence has gotten bored of franchises and I don’t blame her; she’s usually trotted out as the face of the publicity campaign then comes under tonnes of scrutiny. The young actress has seen a rise to fame and then the fall, going in the leaps up and down completely. The actress, however, looks to kick butt in the latest clip with the energy she seemed to have lacked.

Hopefully, the film will meet these great clips.

X-Men: Apocalypse is out 18th May

Mojave – Oscar Isaac Super Cut

Oscar Isaac is the internet’s new boyfriend and we love him. He’s everything we’ve ever wanted and then some. The performer who has rocked through his career by performing with gusto and passion has seen triumph after triumph and we all know it’s going to earn him gold. From independent films such as A Most Violent Year to sci-fi fiction blockbuster The Force Awakens, Isaac has graced us so much. And now he stars in recent thriller Mojave.

Mojave revolves around a violent method artist named Thomas who heads to the desert to figure out his character who takes to the desert to soul-search his character. Whilst there, he comes across a weird loner named Jack who attaches himself to Thomas and starts speaking slyly at the actor until he gets pissed the fuck off. After an alteration, Jack ends up following Thomas to the strips of L.A and putting the latter’s life and family in danger…Who will survive in this sudden stand-off?

The movie is a great, sleepy, melodrama thriller and Isaac is definitely the best part of it. To celebrate its DVD release this month, Signature Entertainment have smashed together his best bits from the film. So everyone hoping to drool over Mr. Isaac should enjoy two minutes of pure Oscar action.

Tight Pink Speedos included.

Mojave is out on DVD and Blu-ray 16th May