Ian McKellen and Noel Clarke to host special screenings of Chicken

When it comes to independent movies then support has to come from above. In the scrummage to be a filmmaker, the steps to publicity and recognition comes from leaping between folks willing to shout about your film and hoping to see you triumphant, as well as helping curve your talent into something spectacular. The industry thrives on folks who want you to succeed and that’s how you make your name – by having a more popular famous face point their audience to it. Already heavily supportive of the film, the acting and producing pair have spectacularly supported this film and, hopefully, it’ll gain the audience it needs.

That’s why it’s so amazing to hear that Ian McKellen and Noel Clarke are going to be introducing Chicken  in  some special screenings over the next couple of weeks

The feature film from Joe Stephenson revolves around a 15 year old and his older brother living in a caravan in a field. When a nearby family movies in, the youngest boy sees hope and friendship whilst his brother’s violence sets to rip everyone apart.

is out in a fortnight and definitely looks incredible. With the support of Adulthood’s Clarke and Gandalf himself, this is going to be a spectacular venture for Stephenson and his upcoming film!

Find out how you can book at: www.ourscreen.com/film/chicken

Chicken is out 20th May

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