Mojave – Oscar Isaac Super Cut

Oscar Isaac is the internet’s new boyfriend and we love him. He’s everything we’ve ever wanted and then some. The performer who has rocked through his career by performing with gusto and passion has seen triumph after triumph and we all know it’s going to earn him gold. From independent films such as A Most Violent Year to sci-fi fiction blockbuster The Force Awakens, Isaac has graced us so much. And now he stars in recent thriller Mojave.

Mojave revolves around a violent method artist named Thomas who heads to the desert to figure out his character who takes to the desert to soul-search his character. Whilst there, he comes across a weird loner named Jack who attaches himself to Thomas and starts speaking slyly at the actor until he gets pissed the fuck off. After an alteration, Jack ends up following Thomas to the strips of L.A and putting the latter’s life and family in danger…Who will survive in this sudden stand-off?

The movie is a great, sleepy, melodrama thriller and Isaac is definitely the best part of it. To celebrate its DVD release this month, Signature Entertainment have smashed together his best bits from the film. So everyone hoping to drool over Mr. Isaac should enjoy two minutes of pure Oscar action.

Tight Pink Speedos included.

Mojave is out on DVD and Blu-ray 16th May

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