A War – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

There are plenty of movies out there that take a look at the casualties of war. Probably not the physically ailed populous that get bombed by every country that ever lived. Ever. But the Western culture chooses to immortalise the struggle of those doing the firing. From American Sniper to Eye in the Sky, there have been a barrage of movies that tackle the inner … Continue reading A War – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Inferno – Brand New Trailer!

Growing up, Dan Brown’s book about The Da Vinci Code (which should’ve been Da Vinci Code…for street cred, innit,) was deemed one of the best you could read. The novella about biblical clues and religious thrills was spoken about in much furore as the first film echoed some kind of chilling escapade. As you age, that all fades away into other exciting (and better) stories … Continue reading Inferno – Brand New Trailer!

Ice Age: Collision Course – Brand New Trailer!

There is a list of children’s movies that definitely need sequels. It’s not a very long list because the ones that have the capacity for moving the story on have their own sequels already. The ones that are standalone tend to feel like their narrative has ended, to save One this list doth Ice Age not stand. Ice Age has already had two sequels. Another … Continue reading Ice Age: Collision Course – Brand New Trailer!

Eddie Redmayne to voice Aardman’s Early Man

Aardman are the definitive animation studios in England. Despite the ongoing progress with computers and all that simplistic technology, the guys behind Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep still trail-blaze with stop-motion animation. That’s painstakingly crafted characters from slabs of clay made into this terrific and jovial animation pieces. How incredible is that! After the success of the aforementioned baa-rilliant movie, Aardman have announced … Continue reading Eddie Redmayne to voice Aardman’s Early Man

Our Kind of Traitor – Brand New Featurette!

We simply cannot get enough of John le Carre. The British writer with the French name has been capturing our attentions since he conceived Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and ever since, we’ve been wanting to adapt his novels for the big screen and the small. From A Most Wanted Man to The Night Manager, we’ve stuffed ourselves with the brilliance of le Carre and now … Continue reading Our Kind of Traitor – Brand New Featurette!