Orange Is The New Black: Season 4 – Brand New Trailer!

The girls of Linchfield are back!

Yes, your favourite inmates are hurdling to Netflix quicker than you can say “chicken.” It seems only yesterday we were hoped up on toilet made hooch and the inner-workings of an all-women’s prison!

Orange is the New Black, Season 4, revolves around events that take place after the escape and the arrival of brand new inmates – set to shape a whole new Litchfield and change the show as we know it.

The recent trailer promises to be more painful and angsty than ever before. Look. I’m all here for that and the darker side of the orange clad ladies, but if you even think about touching Poussey after nearly breaking her in Season 2, I’m going to go all Red on your ass.

Orange Is The New Back: Season 4 hits Netflix in June

Highlander – 30th Anniversary 4K Restoration

There can only be one Highlander. Because of this immutable fact (and ignoring the sequels, spin-offs and potential remakes), it stands to reason that you should only own one copy of Highlander on DVD/Blu-Ray.

In order to scratch that Immortal itch, Studiocanal have recently announced the 30th Anniversary, 4K Restoration re-release of Highlander, coming out July 11th, with the world premiere happening on June 18th at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Starring, Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert, Clancy Brown, and featuring music by Queen, Highlander tells the saga of a group of people called Immortals, who cannot be killed except for beheading by another Immortal, whereupon the victor absorbs the loser’s strength. In 1985, the remaining Immortals gather in New York City for the final battle with the sole survivor claiming “The Prize.”

The film found a strong cult following when it was originally released and managed a respectable four sequels and a television series before bowing out, but it is the original that inspires the strongest devotion, and fondest memories.

The Highlander 30th Anniversary re-release is out on DVD and Blu-Ray July 11th.

Tickets to the Edinburgh International Film Festival can be purchased here!

Walk This Way VOD presents Docs from around the World.

Walk This Way is becoming one of the greatest VoD platforms. With the whole world turning to online and instant videos, it seems that everyone wants a slice of the action. Last month, Walk This Way released a collection of incredible thrillers from across the globe. But not content with showcasing some incredible films full of chill and danger, now the VoD platform has announced another series of films that you can wrap your head around. Coming from Europe, this masterfully documentary series will take you across countries and you’ll discover a world you never knew.

The distribution program has released yet another program Docs from around the World. Following on from it’s successful collection by Mika Kaurismaki, this year they take a look at seven compelling and acclaimed documentaries.

Films included are Papuza by filmmakers Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze looks at the life of Bronisława Wajs (aka Papusza, a famous classic Polish-Romani poet and singer. Told in black and white, the film portrays a gifted woman hoping to preserve her culture with words, but has to pay the painful price.

The next film is As Time Goes by in Shanghai by Uli Gaulke revolves around the Buena Vista Social Club. Set in China, the film revolves around an aging Jazz band who defy China’s oppressive government daily.

Forget Me Not sees David Sieveking direct a portrait of his mother who is debilitating due to Alzheimer’s disease and the consequences that has on their family.

Concerning Violence, by Goran Olsson tackles African nationalism and the independent movements through a controversial essay The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon. The analysis of dehumanisation through colonisation. Narrated by Lauryn Hill, the documentary looks at the heritage of white western imperialism.

Energized also looks at the impact of humanity upon the world. Directed by Austrian Filmmaker Hubert Canaval, the film looks at the difficult subject of our continued use of oil and gas as well as the relationship between climate change and the future of our planet.

Population Boom by Werner Boote looks at or limited resources in relation to the ever expanding human race and the toxic waste, hunger, and climate change that could be the result of too many bods on the planet.

CERN, by Nikolaus Geyrhaulter looks at those who created the Large Hadron Collider and the researchers who attempted to recreate the Big Bang!

Find out more and sign up for Walk this Way!

Our Kind of Traitor – “Damian Lewis” Clip

Damian Lewis is one of England’s finest (and gingerest) actors. Though he started off in smaller, side-character roles, then wowed us all in the spy drama Homeland and has since tickled us, thrilled us, and wowed us. Now he is alluring us in the brand new thriller – Our Kind of Traitor.
Directed by Susanna White and written by Hossein Amini (guys, he wrote Drive,) Our Kind of Traitor revolves around an ordinary British couple who befriend a flamboyant Russian on holiday but unfortunately discover that he’s a criminal. Welp. When he asks for help, the pair are thrown into the dangerous world of espionage!

The latest clip sees Damian Lewis as the government agent Hector who is outside the Emirates (hashtag product placement,) planning some sort of spy romp. There’s also Mark Gatiss and we love him in everything he does. Ever. Mark Gatiss is the best!

With so much talent, could Our Kind of Traitor actually be good?

Our Kind of Traitor is out May 13th

Jason Bourne – “Jason Bourne is Back” Trailer

We have had roughly fourteen years of Bond. More so if you read the books before, but we’ve had just over a decade of Matt Damon kicking arse and forgetting he has kicked arse.

Now he is back many years down the line with the simply titled Jason Bourne movie. The spy movie sees Bourne back in the driving seat after Jeremy Renner’s stint. There’s not much to go on, simply that Jason is roughing and toughing it again, trying to get some answers and destroy some people and stuff at the same time.

The action movie spy man is like the grittier and more complex Bond, so that is a feather to add to the Bourne cap. The problem is – where can they take him that he hasn’t been before? How can they evolve his character? Why is Bourne still a thing?

Well, let them address that in this brand new featurette!

Jason Bourne is out July 27th