Highlander – 30th Anniversary 4K Restoration

There can only be one Highlander. Because of this immutable fact (and ignoring the sequels, spin-offs and potential remakes), it stands to reason that you should only own one copy of Highlander on DVD/Blu-Ray.

In order to scratch that Immortal itch, Studiocanal have recently announced the 30th Anniversary, 4K Restoration re-release of Highlander, coming out July 11th, with the world premiere happening on June 18th at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Starring, Sean Connery, Christopher Lambert, Clancy Brown, and featuring music by Queen, Highlander tells the saga of a group of people called Immortals, who cannot be killed except for beheading by another Immortal, whereupon the victor absorbs the loser’s strength. In 1985, the remaining Immortals gather in New York City for the final battle with the sole survivor claiming “The Prize.”

The film found a strong cult following when it was originally released and managed a respectable four sequels and a television series before bowing out, but it is the original that inspires the strongest devotion, and fondest memories.

The Highlander 30th Anniversary re-release is out on DVD and Blu-Ray July 11th.

Tickets to the Edinburgh International Film Festival can be purchased here!

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