Walk This Way VOD presents Docs from around the World.

Walk This Way is becoming one of the greatest VoD platforms. With the whole world turning to online and instant videos, it seems that everyone wants a slice of the action. Last month, Walk This Way released a collection of incredible thrillers from across the globe. But not content with showcasing some incredible films full of chill and danger, now the VoD platform has announced another series of films that you can wrap your head around. Coming from Europe, this masterfully documentary series will take you across countries and you’ll discover a world you never knew.

The distribution program has released yet another program Docs from around the World. Following on from it’s successful collection by Mika Kaurismaki, this year they take a look at seven compelling and acclaimed documentaries.

Films included are Papuza by filmmakers Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze looks at the life of Bronisława Wajs (aka Papusza, a famous classic Polish-Romani poet and singer. Told in black and white, the film portrays a gifted woman hoping to preserve her culture with words, but has to pay the painful price.

The next film is As Time Goes by in Shanghai by Uli Gaulke revolves around the Buena Vista Social Club. Set in China, the film revolves around an aging Jazz band who defy China’s oppressive government daily.

Forget Me Not sees David Sieveking direct a portrait of his mother who is debilitating due to Alzheimer’s disease and the consequences that has on their family.

Concerning Violence, by Goran Olsson tackles African nationalism and the independent movements through a controversial essay The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon. The analysis of dehumanisation through colonisation. Narrated by Lauryn Hill, the documentary looks at the heritage of white western imperialism.

Energized also looks at the impact of humanity upon the world. Directed by Austrian Filmmaker Hubert Canaval, the film looks at the difficult subject of our continued use of oil and gas as well as the relationship between climate change and the future of our planet.

Population Boom by Werner Boote looks at or limited resources in relation to the ever expanding human race and the toxic waste, hunger, and climate change that could be the result of too many bods on the planet.

CERN, by Nikolaus Geyrhaulter looks at those who created the Large Hadron Collider and the researchers who attempted to recreate the Big Bang!

Find out more and sign up for Walk this Way!

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