Kill Command – Review

From the clips, trailers and posters, any Sci-Fi buffs, and most importantly Battlestar Gallactica fans, will be fighting their way into theatres for this one. Just don’t expect anything that will completely wow you. Upcoming director Steven Gomez’s Kill Command initially conjures up an edgy Sci-Fi with a sinister twist, only to be let down by cheesy one liners and a stereotypical “man verse machine” … Continue reading Kill Command – Review

Cabin Fever – 30 Second Trailer

Out in Hollywood somewhere, nestled in the sunny streets of LA, locked a filing cabinet somewhere there is a list. A black list, if you will. On this list, there are scripts that haven’t been produced but should be produced, you know? This is the crème de la crème of writing. And some don’t even get made. That’s the top tier of writing. Just a handful … Continue reading Cabin Fever – 30 Second Trailer

Queen of Katwe – Brand New Trailer!

You know, it’s that time of year where Disney release a live-action film that isn’t a Marvel film and is always based on an inspiring underdog story. It’s a very niche market for the studio who is literally raking in the pennies from The Force Awakens but has been a staple of our cinematic lives. The Mighty Ducks, and, more recently, The Million Dollar Arm … Continue reading Queen of Katwe – Brand New Trailer!