Cabin Fever – 30 Second Trailer

Out in Hollywood somewhere, nestled in the sunny streets of LA, locked a filing cabinet somewhere there is a list. A black list, if you will. On this list, there are scripts that haven’t been produced but should be produced, you know? This is the crème de la crème of writing. And some don’t even get made.

That’s the top tier of writing. Just a handful of unmade stuff. Then there is a million of scripts that no one even sniffs at. So imagine there is yet another remake of Cabin Fever. Another version of a horror film that has had its glory.

Think of that next time your original idea is panned.

If you don’t know the original, or anything about this one, Cabin Fever revolves around a group of teenagers who go to a cabin (because nothing ever went wrong in a cabin) and find themselves exposed to a deadly flesh eating virus that easily deteriorates anyone who comes in the slightest of contact with the illness.

Here it is, thirty seconds of the nonsense…. That’s all I’m going to say.  Thirty seconds of nonsense.

Cabin Fever is out 13th May

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