The Trust – Brand New Clip

by Lee-Anne Pawley

The sibling n00bs, Alex and Benjamin Brewer, are causing quite a stir amongst critics. After premiering at SXSW, their debut film ‘The Trust’ has been described as the crime thriller of the year and received some awesome reviews. I like to think of the brothers lying in their bunk beds, high fiving because they have to brag about at the next family reunion. Well done lads, this puts cousin Joey’s piano recital to shame!

This new clip has certainly made me think twice about this movie. Literally. I watched the trailer back in March, which I have to say was kind of ‘meh’. The plot and the script didn’t look up to much – it looked like a safe film that scored some well-known actors. What excited me about it was the fresh meat to the directing scene – it’s nice to support the underdogs. But now this film is on everyone’s radars for all the best reasons. The acting, the script, the direction – which isn’t just new but also good!

Before you hit play, think of Cage in some of his darker, more manic roles. The ones that leave you thinking ‘he’s just a little too good at playing the crazy guy’. Now, buddy him with doe-eyed Elijah Wood, who was just a little too good at playing a dancing penguin, a plucky dragon called Spyro and, of course, a halfling from The Shire. Got that pairing in your head?

Things just took a real turn didn’t they?

The Trust is out 27th May 

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