Jeremy Saulnier – Green Room Interview

by David Hayles Director Jeremy Saulnier has followed up 2013’s hugely acclaimed revenge thriller Blue Ruin with Green Room, a tense, gruesome chiller starring Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots, about a punk band who find themselves at the mercy of a gang of neo-Nazi skinheads led by Patrick Stewart. How did you get Patrick Stewart to play a neo-Nazi psychopath? He’s up for an adventure – … Continue reading Jeremy Saulnier – Green Room Interview

The Best Films Made On A Budget

In a multi-billion dollar industry, there are more than enough big budget productions dominating the box office with their epic stunts and remarkable graphics. However every now and then a film will come along that is so ripe with creativity and production value that it makes studio heads weep, showing that a minimal budget doesn’t always mean a minimal hit. Upcoming sci-fi thriller KILL COMMAND … Continue reading The Best Films Made On A Budget

The Accountant – Brand New Trailer!

After his recent, but brilliant, stint as the caped crusader Ben Affleck is on a high. The man is a 540037435 threat in the film industry: producer, director, writer, actor, and all-round good guy who rebuilt his career from the ashes of Gigli. Now he returns in front of the camera in drama The Accountant. The film revolves around a math savant who has more … Continue reading The Accountant – Brand New Trailer!