Don’t Breathe – Brand New Trailer!

Teenagers, aye?

When you are one yourself, you are invincible! When you get older, they become irritating bags of annoyance. But cinema loves them – especially in horror movie where they are relentlessly pursued by entities out to destroy them! Gah!

Now it’s less murderers and ghosts and now a shuffling old blind man!

Starring Goosebump’s Dylan Minnette and Suburgatory’s Jany Levy, the film revolves around a down and out girl trying to accrue money to escape her deadbeat parents. The only way she can find that money is to rob houses with two of her friends in fits of desperation.

The trailer is tense and feels a little bit more like Panic Room for the modern age.  Plus, since the release of Hush where a deaf woman protects herself from an invader, the rise of disabled protagonists and antagonists, capable of so much more, seems to be heading our way!

This could be genius though!

Don’t Breathe is out 9th September

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