The Colony – Brand New Trailer!

Humans are the worst. There are thousands upon thousands of history books to tell us that. When it comes to creatures on Earth, humans are the pits. A lot of movies focus on that. From the Holocaust to Slavery, we have been inundated with cinematic ventures into our shitty existence.

Enter The Colony to provide us with yet another look how horrid we are

Starring alongside Daniel Bruhl, Colonia mixes Cold War antics and cults to provide a rich and chunky story. It revolves around flight attendant Lena whose boyfriend Daniel is kidnapped by the Government for creating images in support of President Salvador Allende. Helping find him, Lena travels to the colony to offer herself to fascist sect and sinister minister Paul Schafer who’s holding him captive. There, a battle of wits and determination ensures.

Previously called The Colony, Emma Watson takes on yet another dramatic role to shed her Hermione affiliations. Can the actress, alongside the brilliant Daniel Bruhl succeed?


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