The Call Up – Review

Gaming is often a misperceived by the major publications. The influx of violent game play and real life implications have been a hot topic for years. The idea that you could rampage on with believable graphics and shoot life-like things but then separate it from reality is baffling for some people. The grip of those unable to see the escapism of gaming have imposed strict … Continue reading The Call Up – Review

Interview: Ali Cook talks technology, thongs, and The Call Up

Today’s entertainment industry is certainly a balancing act. Many people have to have different talents in order to get buy. Singers turn actors, actors turn directors, directors turn writers, and writers eat scraps of the table. Jokes aside people can no longer have one bankable skill and must learn to work 25 hours a day to keep up with the speed of the industry. That’s … Continue reading Interview: Ali Cook talks technology, thongs, and The Call Up

Gang Bang – Brand New Trailer!

Being a teen is difficult. Especially when it comes to sex. There is so much pressure bouncing around doing it. Your first time. Your sexual awakening. It’s almost like race and sometimes that pushes you into situations as you struggle to find your own sexual identity. The film revolves around George, a teen girl who falls in love with Alex. When she tries to vie … Continue reading Gang Bang – Brand New Trailer!

The Purge: Election Year – Brand New Trailer!

We all want to kill a politician. I mean, have you seen Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? They are pretty much the devil’s incarnate and, whilst we cannot publically say we’d do anything to them but we can hint heavily that if a loaded pistol was sitting nearby and we could aim, then accidents might happen. Anyway, we all want to kill the politician and … Continue reading The Purge: Election Year – Brand New Trailer!

Personal Shopper – Brand New Trailer!

Kristen Stewart is oh so better in independent films than she is in mainstream films. In fact, she’s a superbly talented actresses that is let down by the media and the directors she is with. So when you give her an interesting film with an unusual plot, you know she going to transport it into something incredible. The film revolves around Maureen, a personal shopper, … Continue reading Personal Shopper – Brand New Trailer!

Ghostbusters – Brand New Trailer!

There are a lot of different reactions to the new Ghostbusters. Some come from the darkest crevices of a sweaty internet loser’s ball sack and some are actually positive. Though the film marks a trend that Hollywood cannot seem to shake – the incessant need to reboot classic films – there is an element about Ghostbusters that is simply unshakeable glee. For those who have … Continue reading Ghostbusters – Brand New Trailer!