The Purge: Election Year – Brand New Trailer!

We all want to kill a politician. I mean, have you seen Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? They are pretty much the devil’s incarnate and, whilst we cannot publically say we’d do anything to them but we can hint heavily that if a loaded pistol was sitting nearby and we could aim, then accidents might happen.

Anyway, we all want to kill the politician and continuing the trend of exploring the inner-workings of our dark thoughts, The Purge is back to cinematically show us that it could be possible.

Oh wait, warn us. Warn us. Apparently.

Anyway, the third film in a franchise we never asked for, The Purge: Election Year (can’t say it isn’t topical) is supposedly the most terrifying chapter yet. And that’s pretty much as close as we got to a plot, except there is an election and people will die. It’s produced by Michael Bay so there isn’t much more you need than the title, this shoddy trailer, and that name to solidify your thoughts!

Seriously, who is producing this garbage and why is it so popular? Do we really have to suffer through a third film that will have an interesting premise but wind up being utterly dry and lifeless? Yes, we do apparently.

God help us all.


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