Ma Ma – Brand New Trailer!

Penelope Cruz is a wonderful actress. The Academy Award winner has more brilliance in a tuft of her luxurious hair than most of us have in our whole bodies. She is able to transcend genres at easy – performing evocatively in dramas, chillingly in thrillers, and is able to populate thrillers such as Grimsby and Zoolander 2.

Now she returns in melodrama Ma Ma.

The film premise is simply but could be triumphant and brilliant. It revolves around a woman who is recently diagnosed with cancer. Unsure of what to do with her live, she find solace in a man whose wife was gravely injured in a car accident.

As you shake away the remnants of Bohemian Rhapsody from merely glimpsing at the title (what? Just me?), enjoy the dreamy aesthetics and thoroughly talented Penelope Cruz who always effervesces in her mother tongue. Coming from director Julio Medem, Ma Ma may be a superb movie!


Xavier’s School for Gifted Students – Promo!

It’s that time of year where a young person may want to lift off into a brand new school. Yes, as they grow up into the wide world, they may find themselves leaning towards more specified education. For those who have seemingly more powers than they know what to do with, there is one place where your specialities can be utilised for the greater good.
Introducing Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Founded by Professor Charles Xavier, any youthful mutant can explore their talent in the safety of their own school. With established tutors and encouraging fellow students, such as Jubilee, you can really hone your particular skillset for the better!

See student testaments about this excellent school on the threshold of the eighties! Would you want to join?


Warcraft: The Beginning – Brand New Clips!

Soon it will be time for hordes to descend upon their local cinema to see Duncan Jones’ rendition of Azeroth on the silver screen, and in anticipation, we are being bombarded with a slew of brand new teasers and Behind-the-Scenes featurette’s to sate our hunger before the main event.

Many of these new clips are short clips from the film itself, helping to introduce the characters and show their motivations; of particular note is a discussion between two orcs (Durotan and Orgrim.) A normally violent and warlike race, this conversation is packed with a poignant desire to see a different future where humans and orcs work together. Another scene shows a skirmish between the two races, showing off the two sides fighting techniques, it’s quick and somewhat brutal as both factions engage.

Of course, the jewel in the crown of this latest glut of clips is “A Look Inside,” a featurette that shows some of the main cast and director talking about the film’s plot, as well as some of the other characters who don’t appear in the other excerpts, such as the main antagonist.

It’s a lot to take in, but there’s plenty in there to get you excited for the upcoming film.


Sausage Party – Green Band Trailer!

“They’re eating kids! They are eating fucking kids! “

The words bellowed from the previous trailer for Sausage Party and made us adults excited for an animated feature curtailed to just us. However, don’t expect too much profanity from the latest trailer for Sausage Party as it’s a green band version (meaning it’s safe for work and kids, yo.)

Right, so, how do I explain this movie? The film revolves around food who live happily in a supermarket, waiting to be chosen by humans. However, once they are picked, they realise the truth: They are going to be eaten. Lowly Frank decides that he has to do something to save his friends before the dreaded Fourth of July sale!

The clear Pixar parody is going to be amazing. I have every faith in this. Pulling apart children’s movies in such a gross and hilarious way, Sausage Party is going to be a triumphant movie!