Sausage Party – Green Band Trailer!

“They’re eating kids! They are eating fucking kids! “

The words bellowed from the previous trailer for Sausage Party and made us adults excited for an animated feature curtailed to just us. However, don’t expect too much profanity from the latest trailer for Sausage Party as it’s a green band version (meaning it’s safe for work and kids, yo.)

Right, so, how do I explain this movie? The film revolves around food who live happily in a supermarket, waiting to be chosen by humans. However, once they are picked, they realise the truth: They are going to be eaten. Lowly Frank decides that he has to do something to save his friends before the dreaded Fourth of July sale!

The clear Pixar parody is going to be amazing. I have every faith in this. Pulling apart children’s movies in such a gross and hilarious way, Sausage Party is going to be a triumphant movie!


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