Star Trek Beyond – Brand New Trailer

When the first Star Trek Beyond trailer came out, it had its detractors including writer Simon Pegg who saw the footage and went, “hang on, that’s not my film.” The blistering action sequences set to Beastie Boys’ Sabotage noted a more frivolous cinematic experience and not the third in an epic trilogy that had more depth than space wars.

While the plot is seemingly under wraps, the brand new trailer sees them face off against an enemy more devilish and horrific than Kahn. Can the crew of the enterprise survive?

Feeling much more like the space opera that we wanted, and seeing as this week, director of previous outings JJ Abrams has gone off to do bleeding Star Wars, it’s like the whole Star Trek series has gone “Well, fuck you!” And released an epic new trailer! Whilst it’s doubtful new Star Trek director Justin Lin could beat the previous film – the trailer boasts intrigue and interest! And Chris Pine’s very blue eyes!

Plus IDRIS ELBA!!!!!!