Welcome to We Make Movies On Weekends!

Welcome to We Make Movies On Weekends – a brand new film hub to celebrate the industry with journalists, promoters, and filmmakers! We want to talk about movies and make them too! Launched from the success of Cookie N Screen and I’m With Geek, founder Sarah Cook developed her own company to live in the world she loves. Not only do we cover the latest … Continue reading Welcome to We Make Movies On Weekends!

Spotlight (2016) – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Best Picture Oscars have always been contentious. Whilst sometimes the best picture of the year is celebrate, more often than not voters succumb to cinematic bait that is broiling with “current themes” such as racism, sexual abuse, or a “true story.” So for every genuine winner such as Silence of The Lambs and 12 Years A Slave, there are heaps of How Green is My … Continue reading Spotlight (2016) – DVD & Blu-Ray Review