Independence Day: Resurgence – Brand New Extended Trailer!

Right, come closer excitable reader, I’m going to get personal for a moment. Come closer. Cloooseerrr. Right, that’s too close. OK so, confession time: I don’t feel the excitement as many people are about Independence Day: Resurgence. Sure, most of the new folks are back in the cockpit and there is an air of grandeur in Roland Emmerich’s latest space romp sequel. But it all … Continue reading Independence Day: Resurgence – Brand New Extended Trailer!

Beauty and the Beast – Brand New Trailer!

Disney are looking back and pillaging their own work. It’s annoy, isn’t it? I mean, with all those creative juices flowing, you’d expect them to mine for something original like the glory days. But it seems they are set for creating something The story revolves around an intelligent book loving woman who finds herself trapped in a castle by a horrendous beast. Confined in a … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast – Brand New Trailer!

Precious Cargo – Brand New Trailer!

A couple of decades ago, Bruce Willis could do no wrong. He was John Fricken McClain, for goodness sake! That is an iconic role that thrills us all every year! He saw tremendous success in roles such as The Sixth Sense and The Kid and then, well, it sort of went pear-shaped. Whether it’s down to his own crazy aloof personality or his determination to … Continue reading Precious Cargo – Brand New Trailer!

Cannes 2016 – Festival Winners

Another year has come and gone as the sun sets on 2016’s Cannes Film Festival. As our jealousy ebbs like the glorious tide upon the Southern France beaches, winners of this year’s most prestigious movie festival rejoiced in being the crème da le crème of movie-making. Folks from all walk of lives were celebrated in a ceremony unlike any other and does who walked away … Continue reading Cannes 2016 – Festival Winners