5 Great Movie Grandparents!

Grandparents are brilliant for offering pearls of wisdom and supplying embarrassing moments – sometimes they’re even crude and inappropriate, but at the end of the day you can’t help but love them. Robert De Niro plays the rudest and crudest grandad in Dirty Grandpa, which comes to Blu-ray and DVD on May 23 and to celebrate the release of the film we take a look at our favourite grandparents in film.

Little Focker’s (2010)

This comedy stars Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner as grandparents to two toddlers. They turn up to stay with Greg Focker and their daughter, and once again Jack (De Niro) grows suspicious of his son in law. The twins celebrate their birthday with a party where the two start fighting and ends up with Jack having a heart attack. Happy Birthday!

Princess Diaries (2001)

queen julie andrews the princess diaries never late

Imagine finding your long lost grandmother AND finding out she’s a queen all in one day. Mia is shocked to say the least in this classic comedy film starring Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse. The two grow close as Mia learns how to behave like a princess, as she will one day inherit the throne. The queen makes an effort to spend time with Mia, so they go to the arcade together and eat hot dogs, which is very different from her usual royal behaviour!

The Proposal (2009)

This list would be incomplete without actress Betty White, renowned for being the coolest OAP going. She plays the dirty minded grandmother of Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), doing all the stereotypical things you would imagine a senior of her age to do; going to strip clubs, dancing in the woods to Lil Jon, and making sexual jokes.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Charlie Bucket is closest to his Grandpa Joe out of his four grandparents, who all share one bed in their little house. He’s the one who tells Charlie the stories about the chocolate factory, and miraculously jumps out of bed upon learning Charlie finds a golden ticket. They experience the amazing factory together, and Grandpa Joe helps Charlie stay grounded while Charlie teaches grandpa to be honest.

Dirty Grandpa (2016)

Lionsgate zac efron robert de niro robert deniro zacefron

The dirtiest grandpa of them all is played by the legendary Robert De Niro, who convinces his grandson to go on a road trip with him when he becomes widowed. His goal is to get with as many women as he can, much to the embarrassment of his grandson played by Zac Efron. He takes part in drinking games, singlehandedly takes down a gang and even pulls the girl of his dreams.


Independence Day: Resurgence – Brand New Extended Trailer!

Right, come closer excitable reader, I’m going to get personal for a moment. Come closer. Cloooseerrr.

Right, that’s too close.

OK so, confession time: I don’t feel the excitement as many people are about Independence Day: Resurgence. Sure, most of the new folks are back in the cockpit and there is an air of grandeur in Roland Emmerich’s latest space romp sequel. But it all seems a little too samey of other sci-fi escapades and has no cheesy joy the original outing had. Is it just me? Am I suffering from sequel fatigue?

Here in the latest extended trailer, it seems that may be the case. Independence Day: Resurgence is set twenty years after the events of the first film and humanity have armed themselves with the alien technology from before. Happily safe, it all goes wrong when BAMN aliens happen again.

The trailers go like this: Spaceship. Spaceship. Spaceship. WILL SMITH IS DEAD? Aliens. Spaceships. Gale. Gale. JEFF GOLDBLUM.

So, it could be great! But it all seems a little too dank and dark too capture the rambunctious nature of the first film!


Beauty and the Beast – Brand New Trailer!

Disney are looking back and pillaging their own work.

It’s annoy, isn’t it? I mean, with all those creative juices flowing, you’d expect them to mine for something original like the glory days. But it seems they are set for creating something

The story revolves around an intelligent book loving woman who finds herself trapped in a castle by a horrendous beast. Confined in a magical castle, she makes friends with talking objects and soon opens up to a world of brand new experiences such as love and courage.

The graphics look amazing, Dan Stevens looks amazing, and there is a whole beautiful feeling to it that hasn’t been caught since Disney did Cinderella. The only issue is some particular casting who hasn’t acted decently since The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

But can she fill the shoes of Belle?

What do you think?


Precious Cargo – Brand New Trailer!

A couple of decades ago, Bruce Willis could do no wrong. He was John Fricken McClain, for goodness sake! That is an iconic role that thrills us all every year! He saw tremendous success in roles such as The Sixth Sense and The Kid and then, well, it sort of went pear-shaped. Whether it’s down to his own crazy aloof personality or his determination to star in naff action flicks, Bruce Willis has become the weird bald uncle of the film industry.

Well, where there’s a Willis, there’s a way as he stars in….yet another action film.

Precious Cargo revolves around a murderous crime boss who is hunting down a seductive thief after a heist goes wrong. Little does Eddie know, there are more plans to screw him over and a massive showdown ensues.

Precious Cargo looks like a tepid action film with no might there. Maybe this could rejuvenate Willis’ career but it’s not looking hopeful.

Precious Cargo is in cinemas and on demand from July 15th

Cannes 2016 – Festival Winners

Another year has come and gone as the sun sets on 2016’s Cannes Film Festival. As our jealousy ebbs like the glorious tide upon the Southern France beaches, winners of this year’s most prestigious movie festival rejoiced in being the crème da le crème of movie-making. Folks from all walk of lives were celebrated in a ceremony unlike any other and does who walked away with an accolade.

One of Britain’s finest directors Ken Loach has scooped up the top prize, winning the Palme d’Or for I, Daniel Blake, scooping up the prizes for his unashamed and poetic drama. He beat out the likes of Nicolas Winding Refn, Pedro Almodovar, and Xavier Dolan to win the prize.

However, Dolan would later go on to win the Grand Priz for It’s Only The End of the World, solidifying his stance as one of the brightest young directors. Andrea Arnold, another English filmmaker who crafted the superb Fish Tank, scooped up the Jury Prize for her celebrated masterpiece American Honey.


Jaclyn Jose won Best Actresses for her Ma Rosa whilst Shahab Hosseini scooped up the Best Actor gong for The Salesman. Best Director went to Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper (despite the initial boos) and Cristian Mungiu for Graduation whilst Asghar Farhadi’s script for The Salesman won Best Screenplay. Camera d’Or went to Houda Benyamina for Divines.

In a celebration of LGBT centred movies the Queer Palm Feature award went to Les Vies de Therese by Sebastien Lifshitz and Short Award went to Gabber Lover by Anna Cazenave-Cambet.

From The BFG to The Angry Birds, The Neon Demon to Blood Father, Cannes celebrated the finest in filmmaking as well as showcased small filmmakers and their shorts.

Congratulations to another successful year!