Independence Day: Resurgence – Brand New Extended Trailer!

Right, come closer excitable reader, I’m going to get personal for a moment. Come closer. Cloooseerrr.

Right, that’s too close.

OK so, confession time: I don’t feel the excitement as many people are about Independence Day: Resurgence. Sure, most of the new folks are back in the cockpit and there is an air of grandeur in Roland Emmerich’s latest space romp sequel. But it all seems a little too samey of other sci-fi escapades and has no cheesy joy the original outing had. Is it just me? Am I suffering from sequel fatigue?

Here in the latest extended trailer, it seems that may be the case. Independence Day: Resurgence is set twenty years after the events of the first film and humanity have armed themselves with the alien technology from before. Happily safe, it all goes wrong when BAMN aliens happen again.

The trailers go like this: Spaceship. Spaceship. Spaceship. WILL SMITH IS DEAD? Aliens. Spaceships. Gale. Gale. JEFF GOLDBLUM.

So, it could be great! But it all seems a little too dank and dark too capture the rambunctious nature of the first film!


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