Precious Cargo – Brand New Trailer!

A couple of decades ago, Bruce Willis could do no wrong. He was John Fricken McClain, for goodness sake! That is an iconic role that thrills us all every year! He saw tremendous success in roles such as The Sixth Sense and The Kid and then, well, it sort of went pear-shaped. Whether it’s down to his own crazy aloof personality or his determination to star in naff action flicks, Bruce Willis has become the weird bald uncle of the film industry.

Well, where there’s a Willis, there’s a way as he stars in….yet another action film.

Precious Cargo revolves around a murderous crime boss who is hunting down a seductive thief after a heist goes wrong. Little does Eddie know, there are more plans to screw him over and a massive showdown ensues.

Precious Cargo looks like a tepid action film with no might there. Maybe this could rejuvenate Willis’ career but it’s not looking hopeful.

Precious Cargo is in cinemas and on demand from July 15th

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