Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House – Line-Up

Movies under the moonlight. A nestled architecture house in the bustling metropolis of the capital. Film fans strewed upon blankets and pillows with their friends. Picnics, wine, and music in hot anticipation of the evenings celluloid activities. Premieres, classics, and double bills in the midsummer evenings and heated nights. Why, it almost sounds like a dream. Well, it isn’t a dream movie fans as Film … Continue reading Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House – Line-Up

A Whole Lotta Spiel-berg: Duel (1971) – Review

Is it fair to say that Steven Spielberg is the most famous film director of all time? I mean, you could argue Hitchcock, but Spielberg is a guy that people who don’t even watch films regularly know. Say the term “film director”, he’s the first name that usually pops up. He’s used in all sorts of jokes about films, and frequently set as the bar … Continue reading A Whole Lotta Spiel-berg: Duel (1971) – Review

Hired to Kill (1990) – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

There are some films that that have a premise that just seems to boggle the mind. Hired to Kill is the epitome of these films. The film was released in 1990 and featured Brian Thompson as Frank Ryan (no known relation to Jack Ryan of the Tom Clancy books, but a similar background nonetheless) who is hired by an inconspicuous man working for a shady … Continue reading Hired to Kill (1990) – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Fever – Brand New Trailer!

Kids who kill are a terrifying phenomenon that has been explored in moviedom for a very long time. The idea that innocence had never appeared for folk who went straight into murder is perplexing. The issue is explored in this French thriller Fever. Based on the Leopold and Loeb true-life crime, the film revolves around two young students who kill a woman they just met. … Continue reading Fever – Brand New Trailer!

Finding Dory – Brand New Trailer!

There is an abundance of sequels out there at the moment. Certainly, 2016 doesn’t feel at all original: We’re trapped in an endless sea of reboots and remakes. It’s tiring. But one plucky blue fish is telling us to Just Keep Swimming in her own film! Finding Dory revolves around the opulent blue yet forgetful fish who befriended the titular character and his Dad Marlon … Continue reading Finding Dory – Brand New Trailer!

The Conjuring 2 – Brand New Featurette!

Ghosts. Are they real? Do supernatural occurrences actually, you know, occur? Or are they just figments of our imagination? Though horror movies explore it in an over-enhanced way, they still tickle the “what if?” side of our terror and plague us whenever we hear a strange sound. The Conjuring 2 returns to freak us out all over again. Heading over to England for their next … Continue reading The Conjuring 2 – Brand New Featurette!