Finding Dory – Brand New Trailer!

There is an abundance of sequels out there at the moment. Certainly, 2016 doesn’t feel at all original: We’re trapped in an endless sea of reboots and remakes. It’s tiring. But one plucky blue fish is telling us to Just Keep Swimming in her own film!

Finding Dory revolves around the opulent blue yet forgetful fish who befriended the titular character and his Dad Marlon in the last outing. However, prone to bouts of amnesia, Dory is determined to find out more about her past.. Can she find her family?

Look, it’s Pixar, there is nothing that this animated studio can do wrong so we’re highly excited for this film. Though it may be a sequel, and the studio struggles with sequels beyond the Toy Story lore, Finding Dory looks to be as enchanting as the first!


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