The Conjuring 2 – Brand New Featurette!

Ghosts. Are they real? Do supernatural occurrences actually, you know, occur? Or are they just figments of our imagination?

Though horror movies explore it in an over-enhanced way, they still tickle the “what if?” side of our terror and plague us whenever we hear a strange sound. The Conjuring 2 returns to freak us out all over again.

Heading over to England for their next film, the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren looks at the infamous Enfield Haunting. The ghostly plague saw a British family and their young daughter seemingly taken by a poltergeist. Welp.

The latest spirit based romp does look to have some scary moments in it. Plus Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are so stellar together that this could be genuinely brilliant. The featurettes also explore the terrifying truth behind the Enfield Haunting!



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