Kiki’s Delivery Service – Review

Studio Ghibli have been one of the biggest animation studios of all time. The Japanese rival to Disney have been creating such phenomenal films and movies since they started in 1985, over thirty years ago. So in honour of that, they are releasing a whole new season to celebrate their movies! Studio Ghibli Forever is a season of movies from the powerhouse studio including the … Continue reading Kiki’s Delivery Service – Review

Stealing Cars – Brand New Trailer!

There are a lot of movies out there that centre on crime. Sometimes, it’s a little bit more flashy but occasionally, a film will tackle the grit and consequence of a life outside of the law. The same can be said for independent film Stealing Cars. From executive producer Mark Wahlberg, the film revolves around a rebellious teenager who gets caught up with police for … Continue reading Stealing Cars – Brand New Trailer!

Morgan – Brand New Trailer!

Ridley Scott is back, baby. Well, sort of. After a lack of fortuitous movies, Scott came bouncing back with the Academy Award nominated sci-fi thriller The Martian. But it looks he is teaming up with his son Luke on tantalising thriller Morgan. The mysterious film revolves around a young woman who is found after an accident and is seemingly a childlike human. However, there is … Continue reading Morgan – Brand New Trailer!

East End Film Festival – 2016 Line-Up

The best film festival is back! Yes, entering its 15th year, East End Film Festival have announced a brand new programme. Opening on the day the EU referendum is voted upon, this year’s programme will look at great British filmmaking as well as focusing on EU and beyond. In fact, screw it, it’s a Opening Night Gala sees the world premiere of Alleycats that looks … Continue reading East End Film Festival – 2016 Line-Up

When Marnie Was There – Review

It appears even the western world has become familiar with Miyazaki’s cutesy characters, enduring stories and magical universes – and quite rightly so. When such a Studio as Ghibli decides to branch out and focus on something a tad more human, the likes of Only Yesterday (1991) and My Neighbours the Yamadas (1999) spring to mind, it can take a minute or two to adjust. … Continue reading When Marnie Was There – Review

Preacher “Pilot” Review

With superheroes dominating the silver screen, it’s often easy to forget that there is so much more to graphic novels than the men and women in spandex and superpowers. The Walking Dead has spent seven seasons flying the flag for grittier, more adult stories, but it might just have to move over, because Preacher is here to deliver a new sermon to the masses! Preacher, … Continue reading Preacher “Pilot” Review