The Space Between Us – Brand New Trailer!

It’s really hard nowadays to transfer from child actor to an adult one. In fact, it’s rarer to keep your name in the spotlight as an adult! In this day and age of throw away products, it’s hard to keep one active in filmmaking. Asa Butterfield, aka the child star who tour our hearts out in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, is making great use of his skills by appearing in brilliant films such as X + Y, Ten Thousand Saints, and Ender’s Game!

Now he returns in another space drama – The Space Between Us.

The film revolves around two children at the centre of interplanetary romance as Butterfield plays the first human to be born in space. Wait, does that make him an alien? Science stuff will surely prevent these teens from copulating! While Jack is made by scientists on Mars, he actual does have a father, and beams all the way down to Earth to find him!

Actually, as flippant as that might sound, the movie does have some resoundingly good qualities, especially as it also stars Gary Oldman and Britt Robertson! The idea is intriguing too, allowing more interesting plots to be sent off into outer-space!


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