Trespass – Brand New Immersive Event!


That’s seemingly the way forward for a night of entertainment. As we push our enjoyment beyond that of the norm, we crave showier, intricate, and more intimate outings.

Secret Cinema is a prime example of this strain of entertainment, seeing audience members dropped right into the cinematic action as scenes and memorable moments from the show are theatrical performed before a screening. Paving the way for the industry, Secret Cinema amasses audiences yearly!

Trespass looks to be the musical equivalent. A brand new entertainment experience is showcasing from tonight and across Bank Holiday weekend (26th – 30th May). Though the event is pretty much under wraps (basically we know bugger all about it) the promise of an intimate performance with artists and their songs, as well as different theatrical pieces and bundles of cinematic goodnesses too, Trespass looks to harness the power of immersive for the better!

Tickets are selling fast as there are only 100 tickets per evening! So make sure you don’t miss out on the musical event of the year!!!


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