The Best Of…Jack O’Connell

I’m finding it really hard to start this review. Not because I don’t have a kind word to say about Jack O’Connell. Quite the opposite really, I have tonnes. In fact, they are whirring around my mind in a chaotic buzz trying to etch themselves into this article. The truth is Jack O’Connell is one of the few legitimate actors around at the moment than … Continue reading The Best Of…Jack O’Connell

Finding Dory – Brand New Clips!

Brand new Pixar movies are a moment. We usually gather all of our excitement to see these opulent computer animated characters catapult us into an emotional story. Not one Pixar movie is terrible. And that looks to continue with Finding Dory. Finding Dory revolves around the opulent blue yet forgetful fish who befriended the titular character and his Dad Marlon in the last outing. However, prone … Continue reading Finding Dory – Brand New Clips!

Carnage Park – Brand New Trailer1

Horror movies will never end. I suppose it’s the one genre where people can do anything. ANYTHING. And it is still met with a reception as warm as the red stuff spilled from cuts and bruises! So Carnage Park looks to tackle this spirit. Carnage Park revolves around a bank robbery gone wrong and two criminals go on the run. They, unfortunately, wind up in … Continue reading Carnage Park – Brand New Trailer1

The Best Hanna- Barbera Characters

Dominating television animation for three decades, Hanna-Barbera’s infamous characters hold the fondest of childhood memories for the kids since 50’s. From careless, clumsy dogs to daringly devious mice, over the years we have seen plenty of loveable and amusing characters. One of the most iconic of them all is everyone’s favourite feline friend, Top Cat, who is returning in brand new adventure Top Cat Begins … Continue reading The Best Hanna- Barbera Characters

Deepwater Horizon – Brand New Trailer!

Mark Wahlberg is an interesting actor/former rapper. The man is best known as being Ted’s sidekick in the movie about the epitomes bear. But when he puts his talent into action, it’s surprising that Wahlberg can actually act and do it well enough to earn an Academy Award nomination (The Departed.) Now he appears again in disaster movie Deepwater Horizon. The film is based on … Continue reading Deepwater Horizon – Brand New Trailer!

Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants – Review

Everyone must have had a time, most likely during their primary education, when you learned how amazing ants are. Able to lift fifty times their own body weight, working as a collective team and all obeying a ruling Queen Ant, they are pretty cool. The insects are no stranger to the big screen with films such as Disney’s  A Bug’s Life and DreamWorks’ Antz capturing audience’s imagination … Continue reading Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants – Review