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I, Daniel Blake – Brand New Trailer

Winning a Palme d’Or is a big thing. Huge. It’s one of the few awards that still stands in its prestige. While the Oscars and the BAFTAs may have faded to predictable garbage that doesn’t necessary denote talent or the best performance (Spotlight for Best Original Screenplay over Ex Machina? Sod off!) So when British director Ken Loach scooped up the award, he was met with a revered understanding. Luckily, audiences will be able to enjoy this film soon and there’s a brand new trailer to help whet our appetites.

Ken Loach has punched us in the jaw with emotional weight and now he looks to do the same with I, Daniel Blake. The film looks at poverty in the UK and centres on the titular character who is a joiner in the North-East of England. When he falls ill and loses his job, he applies for sickness welfare. But whilst overcoming red tape, he comes across a single mother Katie from London doing everything to stop her family becoming homeless…

This is less a trailer and more a teaser: A snippet of what’s to come. And anyone who has ever had to deal with the Job Centre will resonate with this fantastic trailer and clip. There is a sense of realness here and an echo of the impoverished in one of the most developed countries.


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