Ice Age: Collision Course – “Attraction” Clip

There are a lot of children movie sequels. A lot. A lot, a lot. It’s something that seems to populate our cinematic lives. I mean, Kung Fu Panda 3 is coming, there’s a new sequel toToy Story, and Alvin and the Friggen Chipmunks have four movies under their furry belts. Four. It’s a bit ridiculous. So it’s no surprise that Ice Age has yet another … Continue reading Ice Age: Collision Course – “Attraction” Clip

The Conjuring 2 – “Redefining Horror” Clips

by Georgia Sanders James Wan is one of the most formidable horror directors at the moment. Without appearing to bend to the modern trend of ambiguous endings and CGI monsters, he knows how to explain a film and make it ultra-creepy. He can homage the techniques of Val Lewton whilst still carving out his own original style and…what else? Oh yes, fucking with our brain. … Continue reading The Conjuring 2 – “Redefining Horror” Clips

The Nice Guys – “Porn is Bad” Clip

The Nice Guys are here! Yes, finally the film that we’ve been raving about for months has been released and you can enjoy its spoils and splendours in cinemas! When an old and wealthy woman confuses a young girl with her porn star niece Misty Mountains who suspiciously died the week before, a pair of private investigators find themselves embroiled in a ploy that puts … Continue reading The Nice Guys – “Porn is Bad” Clip

Home – Word Refugee Day Short Film

What is a refugee? What are they? Human. That’s all. Humans trying to survive. Humans who can no longer live in the place they called home. Humans who need sanctuary from the war that has obliterated them. Humans who need help, aid, and more. Refugee’s are human. In an effort to promote World Refugee Day, actors Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger have created a powerful … Continue reading Home – Word Refugee Day Short Film