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Visions – Brand New Trailer!

There are a lot of horror movies coming out this year. Between The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out, there are a heap of films that are set to allure and freak us the fuck out!

Enter Visions, a brand new Lionsgate horror film that is set to creep us out.

Visions revolves around Eveleigh, a soon to be mother who is enjoying her new life with husband David at their brand new vineyard. However, as soon as she gets there, she starts hearing weird noises and a sinister hooded figure. Desperate to prove she is sane when everyone believes she is unwell, Eveleigh hunts down locals to finds out the truth about her new home.

Starring Isla Fisher and Anson Mount, Visions does look to have a freaky element to it plus Fisher is an underrated actress who could capture something brilliant!


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