The Rise of…Emilia Clarke


The mother of dragons.

Widow of a Dothraki Khal.

Game of Thrones’ ultimate badass.

Yes. I’m talking Daenerys Targaryn. Since George R. R. Martin’s novel A Song of Ice and Fire became HBO’s greatest television series there has been a lot of love, obsession, and revered praise for Daenerys as she vies for the throne and leadership over all of Westeros. The actress behind the delicate looking Daenerys who is nothing bar a strong-willed, conqueror with pet dragons as her children. Yes. Daenerys Targaryn is literally one of the best characters to grace our television screens.

The actress behind all of that is Emilia Clarke who is gifting film lovers and tear duct abusers today as she stars in romantic drama Me Before You opposite Sam Claflin. The film sees her play carer Louisa who learns a lot about life and love when she meets the paralysed Will. Based on a book by Jojo Moyles, the latest adaptation is set to lubricate our eyeballs with sadness and happiness.

The 29 year old actresses was born in London but grew up in Berkshire; After seeing the musical Show Boat, the performer had the sparks of drama burst into flames. Studying in the Drama Centre in London, the passion for acting grew as she developed her talent in student short films and plays with her fellow classmates.

Clarke’s professional roles began in episodes of Doctors and Triassic Attack, small television roles that caught the attention of producers and audiences.

She then took the reins of a very popular character…

Her aforementioned performance in Game of Thrones earned her two Emmy nominations. She also quickly became a fan favourite. So much so that we’re all a bunch of Jorah Mormonts following her on her quest to free slaves and become the empress of the show. Clarke was able to tackle the role with a royal gusto that still caught the emotional turmoil of a young girl thrust into prominence and leadership. Without overselling the regal Game of Thrones voice, Clarke was able to establish herself as innocence moulded into power. When it tackled the depth of many traumatic scenes, Clarke handled it with gravitas and glory.

Her screen prominence since Game of Thrones has risen steadily. She starred in the highly underrated independent film Spike Island and appeared as Jude Law’s daughter in film Don Hemmingway. She also took over the role of Sarah O’Connor in Terminator Genysis. We’ll forgive her for that because she was very good despite the shoddy, awful, and quite frankly ridiculous film. Clarke has always appeared on Broadway as Holly Golightly in the acclaimed Breakfast at Tiffany’s where she won praise for her portrayal of the role.

Though small her experience may seem, Emilia Clarke has made a fiery impact and is destined to give more to cinema and television as the year’s progress. She is set to star in Voice from a Stone and Above Suspicion too. There are also rumours that she’ll be working with Helena Bonham Carter in the seasoned performer’s new film.

Whatever happens next, Clarke is bound for greatness. Much like Daenerys, Clarke has made an indelible mark, forged in the heart of a dragon…


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