Suits – The Best Moments

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) are back as everybody’s favourite legal duo in the riveting fifth season of Suits, available on Blu-ray and DVD from 6th June, 2016, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK). This season sees more twists and turns than ever before, making it a must watch for all fans. To celebrate its release we look back at some … Continue reading Suits – The Best Moments

Vinyl: Season 1 – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Many have dubbed television the “golden age of art.” With many big names such as Matthew McConaughey and Benedict Cumberbatch using the format – rich in exploration and character develop – to hone their craft. As much as it pains a film-lover such as me to admit, at the moment, television is producing the truly great dramas, interesting thrillers, and have the episodic nature to … Continue reading Vinyl: Season 1 – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Fast 8 – Behind the Scenes Clip

This is certainly the year of the sequels. We’ve had a fuck-tonne (actual measurement) of sequels already and more to come. Our summer is going to be filled with the most ridiculous amount of cinematic carry-ons. Fast and Furious is a franchise that doesn’t need a new film, but it getting one anyway. Following the death of Paul Walker, this being the first entry without … Continue reading Fast 8 – Behind the Scenes Clip

Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World – Brand New Trailer!

We are so hyped up on technology. We live in a world where you can connect to your friends on the other side of it, find out the latest amazing world, and keep up with the speed of this revolving Earth. Yes, technology has its detractors, but life has opened for the better. Now the world of technology has been captured in documentary Lo and … Continue reading Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World – Brand New Trailer!

Marauders – Brand New Trailer!

Hold on to your hearts, beloved Harry Potter fans, Marauders is not the film you wish it to be. Could we hope for an origin story about Harry Potter’s beloved Dad, godparent, pseudo-uncle, and ultimate betrayer at Hogwarts coming up with all sorts of hijinks. Instead it’s a movie with Bruce Willis, Christopher Meloni, and Dave Bautista, in a romping crime thriller. Marauders revolves around … Continue reading Marauders – Brand New Trailer!