Marauders – Brand New Trailer!

Hold on to your hearts, beloved Harry Potter fans, Marauders is not the film you wish it to be. Could we hope for an origin story about Harry Potter’s beloved Dad, godparent, pseudo-uncle, and ultimate betrayer at Hogwarts coming up with all sorts of hijinks.

Instead it’s a movie with Bruce Willis, Christopher Meloni, and Dave Bautista, in a romping crime thriller. Marauders revolves around an elite crew of bank robbers who are chased down by a suicidal FBI agent trying to find a deeper meaning behind the robberies.

Yes. Yes. It looks naff. The collection of actors surrounding it as well are definitely raking in whatever paycheque they can get. But still, there is something great about action thrillers that are just fun and mindless and somewhat pointless. What do you think?


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