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Outcast – “A Darkness Surrounds Him” Review

Guys, I’ve got a great and original story for you. In a small town in Southern rural America, a church loving community is plagued by their creepy children getting possessed by the devil. An outcast who has been practically shunned by the town is actually imbued with the gifts to stop the rise of demons through the kiddie conduits and helps save the day. There’s a lot of spooky scenes, bone-crunching horrors, and contorting fleshy bones as well as bugs, levitation, and a drawn out southern drawl.

Yep. That plot sounds like a lot of horror movies and yet television series Outcast attempts to capture that story. Starring Phillip Glennister and Patrick Fugit, Outcast revolves around the town of Rome which has been blighted with children and adults acting strangely. After his own abuse at the hands of his possessed mother and demons stalking him, Kyle has exiled himself away from society, much to the chagrin of his foster sister. When a young boy named Joshua begins to suffer from the same delusions and body contortions, Kyle becomes enlisted by the local parish to help the kid. But it seems the demonic spirit inside him has been pursuing Kyle for a long time and soon Kyle’s history is about to unfold…making his future terrifying.

Created by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, the comic book adaptation isn’t the only one of its kind – what with the rambunctious, hilarious, and riveting series Preacher making its mark on Amazon Vide – Outcast struggles to indelibly make its mark as it teeters in tales already told before. We all know about crosses and holy water so much so that “the power of Christ compels you” becomes vitriol in our hangover routine. Nonetheless, Outcast does attempt to break free from the chains of clichés.

Plagued with a series of images that perturb the mind, including finger-biting goodness and bloody bits all over the walls, Outcast doesn’t hold back on its demonic images. Darkness Surrounds Him is blighted with these weird moments that help elevate the series away from the norm. The shadows that linger on the screen a little but too long and the distortions on the screen all make this a hair-rising television series.

What works best for Outcast is Gone Girl’s Patrick Fuget and you-know-who-he-is Phillip Glennister. The pair are phenomenal performers who are able to mask their fears with determination to dig into the truth whilst also keeping an emotional importance of the pair. Together, it’s undoubtedly going to be a fantastic show where all hell will break loose in the town of Rome. Outcast is good and has a lot of potential, particularly with Kyle’s history.

One thing is for sure, we are definitely going to see more spine-chilling images…

                    OUTCAST PREMIERES ON FOX AT 10pm TONIGHT!

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