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The Legend of Tarzan – Brand New Trailer!

Tarzan has had a lot of conceptions. Some good, some bad, some absolutely phenomenal (see: Disney’s Tarzan.) The story of the ape man who was raised in the heart of the jungle and falls in love with the first woman he sees (not as creepy as it sounds) has been populating our television and cinematic screens for a very long time.

Directed by Harry Potter’s David Yates, the film sees Tarzan (Alex Skarsgaard,) who has lived in London for ten years, forced back to the jungle when a mining company threatens his old way of life and family.

The Legend  of Tarzan looks too grimy and dark. What happened to movies nowadays? Because there was a time with opulent colour and daring escapades took charge of the cinema and now we’re so focused on making it too serious, leaving the family yarns to the cartoons. You can have natural balance but here, it seems stripped away and far too dark to be taken seriously.


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