Suicide Squad – News and Images!

Since the success of Deadpool, there had been rumours that the Suicide Squad was going in for reshoots to make it dirtier, filthier, and more appealing to folks who have gone through puberty.  But directed David Ayer, the latest DC film was always intended to be a PG-13 (a 12a for us UK roles) and that’s the rating it has been promptly given.

The latest news may come as a blow for people wishing to enjoy the spoils of an all villain superhero crew without – sigh – adolescents around. Yet the news could mean the more “family friendly” outing relies more on witty and rambunctious action rather than saying “F***” every twenty seconds…

Wait a minute….F***


OH FOR F*** SAKE. We’ve become PG-13 too!
Here are some amazingly awesome images for the upcoming film too.:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think?


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